Twist & Shout, A Cut Above the Rest

My husband just loves watching the show "Abby Lee Dance Company" on Lifetime. Everything about that show is dance and drama. The teacher cares not one whit for the emotional and personal growth of her young dancers. It's all about living vicariously through these young girls she literally verbally and emotionally abuses, and the parents just sit there watching it happen.

The stark difference between something like that and Heather Hunt, who not only teaches voice, piano and group performance, but spends extra time teaching her students how beautiful they are, how much they matter, and personal responsibility, is huge. 

The kids in her Twist & Shout Performance Group become the best of friends and have each others backs, as Heather has taught them to do. Bullying is strongly condemned, and can be found nowhere in Twist & Shout Performance Group. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough. All parents should take a look and give their children the gift of learning from Heather.

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