Auditorium Rehearsal Schedule at ALA

Wednesday Dec 12th:
5:00pm Snickers (Tuesday 4:00pm class)
5:30pm Mike n Ikes (Tuesday 4:30pm class)
6:00pm Starbursts (Tuesday 5:00pm class)
6:30pm Adults (Saturday morning class)

Thursday Dec 13th:
5:00pm Kit Kats (Tuesday 6:00pm class)
5:30pm Epic (Friday 5:00pm class)
6:00pm Pop Rocks (Thursday 4:30pm class)
6:30pm Hot Tamales (Tuesday 7:00pm class)
7:00pm Full Dress Rehearsal

The Wednesday and early Thursday practices are mostly for stage blocking and mic checks and don't require costumes.

Also, the first couple class rehearsals on Wednesday might be shorter, so if you have a 5:30 or 6:00 pm practice be there early DON'T BE LATE. The rehearsals are tightly booked because of the cost of the auditorium rental and we can't go over time without paying extra money.

The full dress rehearsal starts at 7:00pm on Thursday, so if you have a practice on that day bring your costume to change into.

Class pictures will be taken on Thursday during full dress rehearsal. If you can help with sending classes to get their picture taken and escorting the younger classes to and from pictures, please contact Melody Oliphant at 801-380-2549. Prices will be $5 for a 4x6; sign up sheets will be available on the day pics are taken and anytime afterward.

Call time for performances on Friday and Saturday is 6:30 pm. Again, don't be late.

Please: no food or colored drinks in the waiting rooms.
Please bring something for your child to keep busy with while in their waiting room and make sure their name is on it, so if it is left I know who it belongs to.
Make sure your child's costume is covered up when you arrive. It spoils the surprise for the audience if they've seen all the costumes wandering the lobby prior to the performance.

This year their songs and dances are spread throughout the show instead of in a block, so plan on staying for the whole show. It is a great show and you won't be bored! It's about an hour and a half, so no longer than a movie and we keep it moving fast, as past students and parents will tell you, so ENJOY!

As always, I have loved working with you and your amazing kids!! I can't wait for them to show all of your family and friends what they've been working on.

We will take the rest of December off (deservedly so, since we cram two months worth of rehearsals into the last two weeks!, so enjoy your Christmas and New Year's with your families and we will start classes for Spring semester the second week of January.

Auditions for the advanced class will be held that week as well, so contact me if your child is interested!

Thanks for all you do and are. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Heather Hunt

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